Top Questions Home Sellers Have

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I get a lot of questions regarding real estate, and below are some of the top questions I get from home sellers that I work with:

Does my home need to look like it's had a TV-style makeover, perfect in every way?

The better a home looks, the better it sells. Making certain repairs can help you find a buyer more quickly and negotiate the best price. But the prospect can be daunting, as some repairs and upgrades are much more important than others. Helping separate the "must-dos" from the "maybes" is one important service an agent provides. In Southern Arizona, the condition of the roof is always a hot item though not talked about much on HGTV - so, a pre-inspection is often recommended. Curb appeal and entry impact are others, but frankly, every house is different. I'm here to be objective and give you constructive advice to get your home ready for today's market.

How long will my home be on the market?

In Tucson, the current days-on-market average is 38 days, but over-priced homes extend that average. In Phoenix, the current days-on-market average is 65 days, but your home could see much faster or slower. If your home shows well and is priced at value, you will be under contract much faster. Geography, local trends, the marketability, and price of your home all play a role. Higher-priced homes take longer to sell because the pool of qualified buyers is shallower. The more prep work you do before listing your home, the easier, and less disruptive, the "for sale" period will be. And the more likely you'll be to beat that time-on-market average. In this market, it isn't unusual for a value-priced home to sell in a matter of days. I use my experience & local market familiarity to compare your property to recent sales as well as active listings and take into account any special features that make your home unique when developing my pricing strategy. Unlike data algorithms, I can factor in upgrades, lot premiums, and showability - all to get you the maximum price with maximum convenience.

How will the right buyer find my home?

Every home is unique, and I work on applying the right targeted marketing strategy to get your home sold. First, I ask myself who is the most likely buyer for your property. Horse people? First-time buyers? Move up? People with lots of toys with wheels? Then I zero in on that Buyer pool with my marketing. I do that by networking with other agents, locally and globally, pairing those efforts with a comprehensive set of marketing tools that give your property the most exposure to potential buyers. In today's market, that means a strong digital marketing strategy that lets buyers see you're listing anytime, anywhere, on any device. My marketing strategy gets the right exposure for your property, so we get your home sold.

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