Games for the Holidays

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Many of us are quite competitive, and nothing feels better than getting one-up on your friends and family. Here are a few games that are not only fun for a crowd but sure to bring us closer together this holiday season.

  • What Do You Meme? A meme-based game drawing on the popular Cards Against Humanity series, but with a new twist. The meme card is displayed, and players need to caption the meme with the funniest card from their hand. 
  • Jenga GIANT. This game is a classic, and the GIANT version is perfect for playing outdoors in Arizona's mild-winter temperatures. 
  • Monikers. A fun team-based game, suited for pop-culture aficionados. Featuring three rounds, and is described as “Taboo turning into Charades, but wildly more fun!”.
  • Funemployed. Dreaming about a new career over the holidays? Funemployed pushes players to apply for a far-fetched job (think supervillain) by building a fictional resume. Leading to crazy sales pitches, just don't confuse it with your real job after the holidays.

Games are a great way to connect with friends and family, and these are a few that are sure to delight! 

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